Our core principle is to aid the identification, development, and optimization of materials and products designed to be safe and circular.

These 5 criteria, highlighted by the Cradle to Cradle® Certification Program for Products, are the focus of our services.

Peer reviewed science and metrics are necessary pillars of creating a true circular economy of materials.  

  • Material Health (human and ecological)

  • Circular Economy 

  • Carbon Management and Renewable Energy

  • Water Stewardship

  • Social Fairness

At Fendley Sustainability Advisors, we can quickly evaluate the sustainability potential of products, technologies, and basic raw materials using peer-reviewed scientific data.


Restricted Substance List (RSL) compliance advising is something we provide for product manufacturers. This is done through our unique ZERO_X Material snap shot program.


Our ultimate goal is to help companies develop a plan of continuous improvement toward 100% good for humans and the environment.

We encourage our clients' commitment to continuous improvement as part of their sustainability strategy.  


We recognize that market and performance requirements can be limiting to sustainability initiatives, and developing strategies for continuous improvement allow for effective communication and marketing of corporate goals.

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