Chemical and Data Analysis

Using publicly available data and expertise in material health assessments, FSA will evaluate the potential human and environmental toxicity of products and/or processes. See sample product evaluations for common rigid plastic formulations using only data that is publicly available. 

Key data points are globally accepted Restricted Substance Lists (RSLs), hazardous ingredient identification using GHS classifications, and relevance of the hazards within the specific context of how the material/product is used, both intended and likely unintended scenarios.

The circular economy potential is classified based on the technical capabilities of the materials to be recycled, reused, or composted as well as the current likelihood that the material(s) will remain in circulation at the end of each use phase.

Based on the Safe and Circular data available, each product and/or material is grouped in 1 of 3 tiers, tier 1 being the best.

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