Environmental Impact Assessments

Using the 5 Cradle to Cradle® assessment criteria as the lens, we define your Environmental Impact Assessment project within these rigorous impact parameters.

Every EIA has specific requirements for measuring impact on the environment.


With the newly developed assessments tools, formulae and critical multi attribute analysis, Fendley Sustainability Advisors factor the added dimensions of social impacts and circular economy into the equation.


This gives you a broader overview AND detailed specifics and metrics to your EIA outcome.

Material Health:

Defining the chemical components and/or ingredients of the various products such as wood pulps, cellulose materials, polypropylene, PET and Polystyrene. (PLEASE NOTE: Only publicly available and client delivered knowledge is used for Materials snap shots, no lab work included).

Deliverable: Materials inventory and toxicology report on ingredients used in these processes.

Renewable Energy Use and Carbon Management: ­

All energy utilised in the activities for delivery of finished products are assessed and measured in relative metric terms.


Deliverable: KW/hour used and output, source efficacy defined and compared. Carbon release, sequestration, capture and storage is determined, where applicable.  

Social Fairness/Impact:

Metrics and assumptions of the various intended and unintended consequences of product design, use, and post use behaviours and community outcomes.


Deliverable: Assumptions on particulate impact on production crew, animals, soil quality and plant life of these processes. Define averaged assumptions on remunerations, noise pollution, light pollution, nourishment, mental and emotional wellbeing in the workplace and modern slavery criteria.



Circular Economy/Materials Flow:

Define the path of materials and chemistry from point of release to post use cycles and unintended destinations.


Deliverable: Circularity or lack thereof, of materials used in these processes.

Water Stewardship:

We define the path, quantity and quality of water flow and management as a valuable resource.


Deliverable: Litres of water used and/or wasted in both processes including high level quality assessment.

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