Howie, Sustainability Advisor, Chemist and Public Speaker, brings 18 years of specialized safe and circular design experience to clients. His expertise spans multiple market sectors, including personal care, fashion, textiles, interior and exterior building products, formulated products to raw materials.

Fendley Sustainability Advisors (FSA) is committed to supporting and promoting safe and circular strategies through key, global collaborations and effective partnerships.

2020 thus marks the exciting beginning of a visionary collaboration between FSA and numerous global Cradle to Cradle® Assessor bodies, circular economy specialists and highly skilled teams of professional consultants, dedicated to providing effective and affordable sustainability solutions to all who are committed to continued improvement. 

Howie worked with Cradle to Cradle® Founder, William McDonough since 2001 as part of the MBDC team, pioneering the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ standards and program..

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