Sustainability in Cannabis Projects

FSA is working to bring “safe and circular” sustainability ideas and strategies into the fledgling but burgeoning legal cannabis industry in the United States.


Developing and implementing sustainability into the design of cannabis cultivation/retail properties, product packaging, and supply chain partners is of utmost importance to ensure the long-term viability of cannabis products and processes.

Current Clients

Green Sage engaged Fendley Sustainability Advisors to perform this benchmark inventory and assessment. The assessment focused on key metrics in the following categories:

The conclusions of this assessment demonstrate an embedded commitment to sustainability within the Green Sage management. Green Sage is screening building materials and other materials that interact directly with employees and tenants to ensure they are not exposed to carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, or any other restricted chemical.

Additionally, materials are screened for their potential to become part of the circular economy as either reusable, recyclable, or compostable. While is it not currently economically viable to use only materials and products that meet the highest levels of sustainability, Green Sage is implementing procedures to discover and specify the highest quality materials possible.

In addition to sustainable materials, Green Sage is procuring 100% renewable energy from the local Oakland utility to serve both Oakland properties (Tinnery and Cannery). This is a good transitional strategy until on-site renewables are feasible from an economic and load requirement perspective.

Green Sage encourages each tenant to use closed-loop fertigation systems that allow for water to be filtered and purified via UV filtration and reverse osmosis. This technology allows for the sustainable use of water in the cannabis production process.

Social fairness is the fifth pillar of Green Sage sustainability. While not directly related to the material, energy, or water flows, it is equally as important to be considered an employer/service provider of choice.

Green Sage management has chosen to use several globally recognized standards to guide them toward social justice in all of their businesses.

Material Health (humans and environment)

Circular Economy (material flows)

Carbon Management (energy efficiency and use of renewables)

Water Stewardship (influent and effluent assessment)

Social Fairness (beneficial to people)

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